Monday, November 8, 2010

I've got one more climb in me for 2010!

Just booked an alpine-style trip with Utah Mountain Adventures (formerly Exum Utah, apparently) up Mt. Superior (11,050 ft) in Utah. The base of the climb starts right across the road from Snowbird in Little Cottonwood Canyon, as it turns out, and heads up a formation called Suicide Chute... cool!

Being that I grew up in the Salt Lake area, I've hiked, camped and backpacked quite a lot all over the place out there, but never delved into the myriad mountaineering challenges that exist practically everywhere. That makes me super exited to log my first alpine-style mountaineering trip in the Wasatch Rockies and bag a summit I've never been on in the process. STOKED!

It also presents an interesting opportunity to get some winter camping practice in for Mt. Foraker (pic at right) in April 2011, as well. I got thinking... instead of booking a hotel in the Salt Lake valley somewhere, I'd maybe just pack up the Trango 2, the winter sleeping bag, stove, and a bunch of food and just... pitch a camp right next to the start of the climb on the 19th! Why not, right?

That way, I'll be there bright and early for a quasi-alpine start the morning of the Superior climb on the 20th, and I'll be able to crash out there for the night--AND do some more climbing in the morning and day of the 21st before I have to break camp and head back to the airport.


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